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Yesterday I had my first experience in my practicum class for the fall. This practicum is basically my placement in a local high school where I am expected to observe and take on teaching roles within the classroom. I am still not sure what to think of it this semester. We had a tour of the school, so I have yet to meet the first bell I'll be with, the second period is a planning period for my hosting teacher, and third is seniors.

When asked about the first bell, my hosting teacher told us that it is not a structured bell. It's a program set up with a math teacher in the building. Basically for two weeks she has a set of freshman that did not test on par with their peers upon entering high school. Following these two weeks she trades them with the math teacher (who works on getting them on par with math) in exchange for juniors that are below level on their ACT/SAT scores to help them prepare to retest. And these two classes switch back and forth through the year like this every two weeks.

I'm not fond of having a planning period in the middle of my practicum either. I know it is an important part of being a teacher, but for those observing there is often little for us to do--especially in English where we can't really help a teacher grade since essays and such are often graded on personal evaluations and such. I don't like idle time.

And the seniors are a completely different story. Most of them are already set to be done and have proven to be a rowdy bunch. There was a set of boys who switch seats and names to confuse us our first day. I have a feeling they will be trouble. There's also the fact that the teacher had to already pull students aside to talk about grades when we were there for observation--this is only their second to third week in school. While she was having these talks a group of boys were fooling around trying to draw on each other with pens--I was the one to approach them and tell them to cool it. I know that class is going to be a handful.

You might have noticed I've been using plural pronouns (we,us) when I would usually be using singular-personal pronouns (such as I and me). This would be the other reason I am not sure how this semester will go--I am sharing my class an practicum experience with another student. This means all lesson plans and such have to be worked out with her and it's not an individual experience, which I feel would benefit me more. She seems nice and capable at least...I just hope we continue to work well together. Things could turn interesting if we end up disagreeing.
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I realized I never did update on the following days of Comic-con. I apologize if any of you were looking forward to those. If you want to know anything feel free to comment and ask!

Things have been rather busy--I wasn't kidding with that post earlier at the beginning of summer.I have the rest of this week off school but I'll be back in starting next week. Speaking of, I have to most interesting schedule. I know some have seen it already--but it's behind the cut for those that haven't.

You're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while I sing. )

I'll have a lot of huge breaks this semester, meaning outside of trying to grab a few extra hours at a Kentucky GameStop I'll be trying to get ahead on my homework and spending time with RP. YAY. I'm actually rather excited for this semester because it's a lot of course work within my major. It means I can't really be in my Japanese class this semester, but that's okay. I'll stop in when I can and otherwise study on my own.
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Today was our first day out at San Diego Comic-Con. But now we are back at the hotel, and I have some con reporting to do.

The day started off early, with us getting up at around 5:00am to shower, eat, and head down to the convention center to pick up our badges. This would have been fine id sleep wasn't so hard to come by in a full sized bed occupied by three people (we have the smallest hotel room known to man outside of the pod hotels in Japan). But breakfast was had and we got in line. It was rather awesome, considering how many people recognized me as Jubilee just as we were finding our place in line.

Registration was painless as always, and I managed to trade off my Superman bag for a Supernatural one for Natalie. From there it was just a matter of getting in line to get to the Exhibition Hall, where I would spend ALL THE MONEY. We headed directly to CAPCOM, where I got a ticket to admit me to the demo of Resident Evil 6 later that day (more on that later) and I stopped to buy some awesome stuff (Dara, I have a DMC shirt for you). From there we went a-wandering. I ended up buying limited edition lithographs of Liara (one for me, one for Sydney), some ME Homeworlds comics, an Adventure Time comic, and two Adventure Time USB drives (one for me and one for Sydney) in this time. I also managed to get a postcard signed for Greer. It was all rather exciting.

At that point we headed back to CAPCOM for some RE6 time--I was literally bouncing. Ask Melissa. No one could have been more excited than me at that point. You could say I was down right jubilant at the idea of playing some of that demo. We were given a half hour to play as many levels as we could. I started with Jake. Now mind you these are demos that are completely different from those released via Dragon's Dogma. Jake's takes place in China and....holy hell I am so in love with this game you don't even know. I also ship Jake and Sherry like burning. This level also proved how difficult the game would be for me to solo--I died once because I initially missed the heal item pick up and Sherry was too far to revive me. Still it was fun and I plan on playing again at least once more this weekend (especially since you get Leon's head-light-thing for trying it).

After that we looped back to the hotel to drop off some stuff before we headed off to the two panels we had planned to see for the day. First was a creature creation panel for Melissa--while not my thing I was rather entertained by the material covered. Then it was the "Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con" panel--which I went to just to see Holly Conrad. It was a hoot though, the crowd was laughing throughout with the jokes and they covered the topic of women at cons in an entertaining fashion.

And....that was it. Now we are in the hotel room, chilling out. And relaxing. And trying not to fall asleep. Tomorrow will be an early day too, look for a post tomorrow night as well! I plan to check out the Bioware base, meaning I'll have word on the new Earth DLC for Mass Effect to share tomorrow as well.
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You know, lately I've found myself annoyed at a very particular person, mostly due to moments of stupidity. It feels...bad knowing I'm this annoyed at certain things, but at the same time I just want to shake these people.

For example: I am not going to want to talk to you much, or hang out with you, when you mother threatened to try and get me a ticket simply because your car received one while following mine. Also, you can be a right asshole sometimes. I am also not going to want to hang out with you if hanging out means I always have to be the one to drive out to get you, even if we are hanging at your house, because you don't know how to drive on a damn highway and have never in fact been on one. You're almost 20, you have to lean sometime bucko. Finally, calling me at 3am is highly unacceptable unless you expressly ask if you can call first. It is in fact, down right rude. Just because I am responding to you online somewhere does not mean it's "not a problem" when you call me at that hour--I share a house with people who are lucky sleeping.

I...apologize for the rant, but ugh. Just...I needed to finally just vent somewhere. So I did.
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Not too much has been going on here recently, but I feel like what has happened certainly deserves a post or so. Either way, it's life and what people I care to share it with are on here, so there we are.

School's out for now, but that doesn't take out school related news entirely. I recently received my financial aid notification, which frankly is a godsend this year. I have $2000 in a transfer award, $5500 in a Pell Grant and miscellaneous funds in subsidized federal loans. Meaning school is all paid for the full year. And that, ladies and gents is a huge load off my back.

In other news, I'm looking at getting my own car sometime this year. I have no idea what make or model it will be, I just know that it will hopefully happen. This will bring me a step closer to getting out of the parents house too, considering a mode of transportation was the biggest set back for me.

This summer is looking to be busy too, with July being the busiest. I'll be helping out as an interpreter for the World Choir Games in Cincinnati this year, which is both exciting and terrifying. However, most of the participants are third and fourth graders from Japan--adorable. I'm sure I have nothing to worry about. Then, immediately following this event, I'll be flying out to San Diego for SDCC. Mmmm Comic Con how I missed thee. I am really excited for that too!

The only other thing keeping me busy this summer will be my two jobs. I have Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at the ware house starting next week (A change from Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday) and then Gamestop is giving me hours whenever they can on days I don't work at the warehouse. Busy busy busy.

So...what's up with you people?
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A lot has been going on since I last updated this journal. I try not to update too often or else I feel I'll have nothing to say, but that also leads to longer entries; I hope you guys don't mind that.

School is over for the summer, which I suppose is one of the bigger news items. I finished out the semester with 2 As, 1 B, and a Pass in my Pass/Fail practicum. This is very good for me, especially considering some issues that arose with another class that caused me to withdraw after the official cutoff--meaning I did have to accept one F for the semester (though I don't fully count it as I plan to retake the course and replace the grade). Currently I am sitting on a 3.0 GPA and I am looking towards next semester with the hopes of obtaining all As (and a 4.0 GPA) to raise that up higher until I retake that course and replace that F. I really am excited for next semester's courses too, even though the schedule is beyond weird, because all of my classes are in my major and it's my second to last semester before I enter student teaching.

Speaking of student teaching, that's another exciting prospect! I may be able to student teach overseas in Kobe, Japan. This is all reliant on the school remaining a part of the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST), but I'm hopeful. Teaching over there would go a long way in terms of ensuring I keep that job offer I was given. Which is my next point! I was offered the possibility of having a job after graduation, which is still a year and a half off. I happened to take to my alma mater's principal after a school board meeting, and upon mentioning that I had extensive study in the Japanese language he asked me if I would be able to teach it. I responded that so long as I passed my proficiency certifications it should prove no problem, and he asked me to keep in touch so that they might establish a Japanese language program at my old high school. It's all rather exciting.

On the other side of life, the side that has absolutely nothing to do with school, I was able to see Sydney last month. She came up again for ACen, and it was...easily the best week of the year. Long distance relationships are...exceedingly trying, but that week easily made up for all the nights I spent wanting her here with me. We only have a year and a half more until I am out of school and can hopefully look at getting a place so she can move up here--which I am so excited for. The only downside to that weekend was that we weren't able to have any alone time. The one time I thought we might have it a friend of ours ended up hung over on the floor (or in the bathroom puking) most of the morning. It kind of sucks that we weren't able to spend it comfortably in bed alone, like I had hoped.
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This makes you one of the cool kids. Awww yeah. I apologize in advance if I am boring 8|a School and RL are doing ALL THE THINGS with my internet life lately.
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It's been a while hasn't it Dreamwidth? I guess that's mostly due to real life hitting me in the face and hitting me hard.

First thing's first though. School has been going really well thus far. I have A's in all of my classes, and my practicum supervisors love me. For those that don't know, practicum is basically an internship for education majors. NKU has three consecutive semesters of this--the admissions practicum (what I am in now), and two professional semesters--all of which lead up my last semester of college where I will be student teaching. Anyway, it's all going well and it all just furthers my belief that I was meant to teach.

On the not so positive side of things, I just got a dog. Now, some of you might be saying "But Crystal, that's kind of awesome." And it would be...If my mom hadn't decided that we had to get rid of her. This is because Virgil, our dachshund, is jealous and antagonizes her--and he finally pushed her enough that she nipped at him during a play fight. He wasn't hurt but it freaked my mom and brother out enough that they demanded I get rid of her...The kicker is that the older lady that gave her to us just asked if we could make sure she sees her again before she dies...I...feel terrible. Especially since I love Roxy so much already.

My mother has also brought up some delightful curve-balls of judgement. She says I have no human connections with anyone or anything because I "love" my computer too much. I'm sorry then that most of my friends aren't in Cincinnati, and that the internet is the main way we keep contact because you are a freak that monitors who I call and when and for how long. I'm sorry that you have told me before that I wasn't allowed to bring "those people" into your house when it came to my gay friends. I am so damn sorry that you are such a creeper that you stalk my friends facebooks and that I am too embarrassed to introduce you to any of my other friends because of this outrageous behavior. And I am sorry that you asre so judgmental about who I choose to be friends with that I have decided it might be better for me not to have any friends at all.

Wow...this entry has no structure and has gone on some tangents's an update at least?
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A list of 100 books! I stole this from [personal profile] suckmy12inch. Bold the ones you've read COMPLETELY, italicize the ones you've read part of. Watching the movie doesn't count. Abridged versions don't count either.

B-B-B-Baby, touch and repeat. )

Hi...I like to read. A lot. Actually most of these books I picked up in 6-8 grade, because I loved classic literature. Very few of these were read initially as a required reading (Moby Dick being the main exception. I will never again read that novel unless I HAVE to). I should pick up the few on here that I haven't finished completely 8|a I hate leaving a book unfinished.
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So! I said I would likely post I am.

This day turned out awesome, just as it started out to be! So...that's all good news.

My Admission Practicum, i.e. my observation class, has a lot of work to it. This work is mostly because our practicum assignments are actually building our online portfolios and resumes for the future--so I have to dissertations, philosophy statements, self evaluations, and complete a resume on top of observation periods in my assigned school. Still, it's rewarding and serves a purpose, so I don't think I'll mind much. I just have to be sure to stay completely on top of things.

My Japanese folklore class is going to be work as well. This is mostly because we are working with texts that have never been translated in their entirely. This means we will be reading them completely in Japanese. This is exciting, though slightly daunting considering the amount of studying that will need to go into this course. At least the material is interesting, and Nakamura-sensei is very dedicated to our success.

Speaking of Nakamura-sensei, I talked to him about being my third profession reference for my Practicum after class today. Not only did he agree, but apparently he used to be in charge of student teaching and the intensive graduate program for Japanese education majors. He is apparently very willing to not only be my reference but to also put me in contact with his contacts in the educational field. There is a reason he is one of my favorite teachers.
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I am currently sitting in my campus Starbucks, waiting to pass the hour that lies between now and my seminar. Today has started off fabulously so far.

I've had only one class so far, which was my modern American literature class. I have to say it will certainly be a class I will enjoy, if only for my professor. He's an older gentleman, of Chinese decent and I want to either adopt him or marry him I'm no sure which. He has an odd sense of humor, and laughs at all of his own jokes. He also can recite the opening chapter to Pride and Prejudice word for word--he demonstrated this fact to us in class. Also, the exams in this class? All open text, take-home, multiple choice exams outside of the fourth exam which is our final (and only) term paper. I think I'm in love.

The rest of today looks to be interesting too. As I said, in an hour I have a seminar. This class will be the time I will normally be in a high school for observation for the rest of the semester, but the first two classes are seminars so that we can be introduced to our faculty advisor from NKU, and so that we can be assigned to our schools that we will be observing at. I'm rather excited for that class. Then, to top off the day, I have my Japanese class. Last semester the topic was an intensive study for the JLPT, but this semester it's focused on Japanese folktales and myths with the final project consisting of translating one of our texts to English. It will be challenging, I'm sure, but I am also sure that it will be an interesting and fun class.

I'll likely be updating again later today when I get home with the final verdict of how the day went, but for now it is an awesome day.
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Today...I bought myself a paid account here...for no reason at all except that I could, and that I wanted icons. So many pretty icons.

I took a good hour to organize them into folders on my computer, grouped by series or category, so that I could upload them in a particular order. It was...oddly fun.

In other starts up Monday and I am nervous as hell. I'm going to be in a school observing a high school class this semester. Still, nerves aside, I'm glad to be going back. I have...a bit too much free time so I often over sleep now-a-days just for lack of other things to go. I will miss being able to stay up till 5am watching SVU with Sydney via Netflix though...
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the END OF THE YEAR meme

In other news I am rewatching Lie to Me. Awesome. I also need to look at my icons here again...because lmao I feel they are lacking.
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I am sitting here, in an N7 tank and pajama bottoms, wishing I at least had a crew to spend the holidays with. I feel like they've lost the feeling they used to have at my house. I'm going to be here alone tonight, eating pizza rolls as a Christmas Eve dinner as my parents go to my grandmother's.

Some of you may ask "Well Crystal, why don't you just go to your grandmother's and spend time with the family there?" I can't. I would but...since my grandfather passed, my grandmother has let all manner of people into her house--she has let my aunt bring in herself, her previously jailed friends, her current lay, and her dealers. I am...legitimately terrified of what people I will find there if I go. I can't...I shouldn't feel fear going to spend time with my family for the holidays--and those people shouldn't even be there.

I wish I could have gone to Florida for the holiday, but my mother would have never let me go and be out of town for the holiday...not that we're doing anything for it anyway. I would have loved to spend it with my fiancee...and with the friends she will be having over tomorrow. I would have loved to have seen Megan again, especially with the recent little addition to her family. I think that's what makes this hurt. I can't face the situation at my grandmother's, and I can't even spend time with those I have adopted as family--and so I am alone. And it sucks.

Merry Christmas.
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Today...Today I got to talk to Sydney for an entire hour on the phone. It might not seem so long to some of you but since my mother initially blocked her calls last year our calls have been limited to short snippets of conversation via the phones of friends. It was either that or XBox Live for us to talk. More often than not it's been through XBox Live...which is not always conductive to actual conversations considering my mother often comes in asking who I'm talking to, what I'm doing, etc.

But today...I was able to call her from a phone that was mine, while I was out shopping on my own (since Mother had a doctor's appointment randomly. YAY being abandoned for once). Most of that hour was spent wandering around Kohl's aimlessly, not really looking for anything, just so I could waste the time away talking to her. It was...wonderful. I missed the sound of her voice so much. I was so happy it was hard not to cry. I am looking forward to being able to call her more as I get back to school and I have drives home and breaks between classes to use up. ♥

Here's to hoping this means things on that end will continue to go well until I graduate and I can move out of here to a place we can call ours.
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Beneath the cut is a meme, filled out because a half-hour later I still can't sleep. It's more of a "things about me" meme than anything, and anyone is free to take it and fill it out themselves. I am merely doing so to break this in, and perhaps get some of you to know me better. Not to mention, it's a good way to waste time.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night )
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I said I was going to bed all of a half hour ago, but I have yet to get there. So here I am writing.

The holidays haven't fully hit yet, but they are beginning to look up. Two dear friends of mine chipped in to get me what I think will be the best present of the season--a secondary cell phone that I can use to call Sydney with since my mom blocked calls on the family cell plan. They even got me a card to add my first set of minutes ;; I don't know how often I'll be able to call since I don't want my mom knowing I have this second phone, but God it will be good to have someway to hear her voice without having to rely on Xbox Live and us both being home to use it. I was supposed to wait until Christmas to call her, but...tonight wasn't such a good night so I caved early. I don't think they will mind much that I did.

Other than that...things are going rather well. I received really good grades in my first semester at NKU ( 2 As, 2 Bs, and a C for a GPA of 3.29) and I recently took the Japanese Language Proficiency test on my birthday (December 4th lol). I won't be sure how I did on the JLPT until February some time, but I'm hopeful that the scores will be good.

O-Oh and now I am finally beginning to crash, so I suppose that's all for now. I'm hoping I'll keep up with this more than I had LJ (and for those seeing this via the LJ cross post--HI! I'm on dreamwidth with the name atreios. Add me if you're over there!).
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I'm still getting used to dreamwidth, as well as trying to figure out how the hell I can work out having my LJ layout as my layout here. I like that layout damn it.

Seeing as LJ is being...hideous and awful I'm moving my base journal here for the time being. If only because...I can. And in case my custom page there doesn't stop the stupidity of recent updates, I just don't want to deal with it.

I also like the name atreios. It's...a made up last name for a made up drell OC, but it's awesome so there.



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